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Getting started

This section provides a step-by-step guide to help new users get started. The user is first encouraged to familiarize herself with the available resources overview.

Getting started

This guide will guide the new user through the following scenario:

  • The physical computer of the user runs Windows, Linux or Mac OS with or without a CERN specific configuration
  • The user is familiar with some Linux concepts
  • The user aims at using a Windows or Linux virtual machine, depending on the use case or project
  • The user wants to consolidate the use of other resources (storage, gitlab, HT Condor) for its use case or project

Preliminary steps

Configure your computing account

Make sure that the following services are activated for your CERN computing account (go to "My Account" then "Services"):

  • Windows Terminal Services
  • LXPLUS and Linux
  • AFS workspaces ("subscribe to AFS")
  • Cloud infrastructure ("request personnal project" - this is optional)

Access requests

Subscribe to the machine-protection-studies-users e-group:

Create a request to join the project

Granted accesses

Subscribing to the e-group provides acess to the following:

  • The Openstack computing resources and VMs
  • The HT Condor priority accounting groups for machine protection
  • The machine-protection Gitlab umbrella group for all machine protection related repositories.


Due to the LDAP synchronization process, a delay of up to a few hours after the e-group subscription can be excepted before being able to access the services and resources (e.g. Openstack VMs).

Subscribe to project specific e-groups

Check the projects page to find more information about your project and e-group subscriptions required to access EOS storage space or other resources.

Access and use a Terminal Server

If your main computer is not running Windows or if you want a powerful multi-core machine for improved performance, using a Machine Protection Windows Terminal Server is a



create a symbolic link so that your personal EOS space ("CERNBox") can be easily accessed from your $HOME directory (which is on AFS):

ln -s /eos/{initial}/{login} eos
where {initial} is the first letter of your {login}.

Find out more about your project

Find out more about typical use cases