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Using conda

Mostly for Python but conda is language-agnostic, so it can be also be use for other languages, e.g. Julia (through conda-forge).

The conda package management system is already installed:

$ which conda
$ conda --version
conda 4.6.14

For improved performance it is recommended to place your Conda environments on the local filesystem of the VM instead of a shared filesystem such as EOS or AFS. Even tough $HOME is set on AFS for all VMs of the mp-linux hostgroup (similarly to lxplus), a local home directory is also provided (see here) is created.

To use your local directory end, edit your .condarc file (which is in $HOME/.condarc where $HOME is on AFS):

to use the local directory /home/user_name/conda by default.

use_pip: true
  - intel
  - conda-forge
  - defaults
  - anaconda
  - /home/chernals/conda/envs
  - /home/chernals/conda/pkgs
env_prompt: ({name})